Understanding Soccer Terms

Soccer is more commonly known as football throughout the world, and professional soccer requires two teams of 11 players in each team. Game is played in the two halves of 45 minutes, and referee adds extra time to the halves depending on the time wasted during original 45 minutes. Goalkeeper is the player who stops the ball from getting into the goalpost, and is the only player who can use his hands within the confines of marked-off area. Yellow card is given to the player as a stern warning of unfair or rough play and red card is given for a serious infraction such as violent act of some kind in the field.

Goal area is the area right in front of the goal, center line is the line that divides the entire field along its width, and playing field is called the pitch. Penalty box is the area where goalkeeper is allowed to use hands, and any foul in this box resulting in direct kick results in penalty kick. Penalty kick is awarded if defending team commits any foul such as pushing, tripping or handling the ball in his own penalty area. Trap is a common action where players use the body like things, chest and foot to slow down or control the ball.

Charging is a type of running against the ball carrier opponent, causing imbalance to get the ball. Shielding is a way to protect the ball from defending team and player having the ball must concentrate and cover up to get away from the defender. Dead ball is the situation when ball is not being played on the field such as on corner kicks, free kicks, throw-ins and penalty kicks. Defender is a player who primarily functions in the defensive third of the field, and his main role is to repel the attacks of opposing team on the goal.

Driving is playing the ball forward and running after it. In man-to-man defense, the players are responsible for any specific counterpart from the opponent team regardless of where they are placed on the field, but zone defense is defensive that makes the players responsible for any particular channel or area on the field. Dead ball refers to situation when the ball is not being played while on the field such as on corner kicks, free kicks, throw-ins and penalty kicks. The job of second defender is to cover or support the teammate who is putting pressure on the ball.

Arrangement of players into their positions in the field is called formation. The job of third defenders is to mark-up opponents who are threatening their goal or cover the obvious passing lanes. Violation of rules is called foul, and in response to the foul, referee calls for direct or indirect free kick. Pinging is to get the ball and then immediately pass it back again.

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