Soccer Tips To Improve Your Game

You can never get enough soccer tips. All soccer players should be serious about the game and willing to do whatever it takes to become a better player. Even the pros have room for improvement and could stand to use new tips and techniques here and there that will improve their skills. One of the best tips that you can learn involves guarding the ball.

Also known as shielding the ball, basically what you want to do here is use your body as a barrier. This is important because you need to keep the ball away from your competitors. There are a few different ways to do this but no matter what you should always keep your body between the ball and your defender. By keeping your body as a sort of barrier you have a much better chance of being able to defend and maintain the ball until you pass or go for the goal.

Another of the best soccer tips to learn is to freeze the defender. The meaning behind this is that you want to fake as though you are going to kick the ball. All you would do is stop and swing your kicking leg back as though you were going to make a long pass and this will freeze your defender in their tracks. Of course if they think you are going to pass the ball they want to follow the ball and try to cut it off but the trick is that you are not going to kick it at all.

Instead, after your defender freezes in their tracks, you want to trick them by keeping the ball to yourself and going around them the other way. You could also try the blind mass move which is a great tip that all soccer players should learn. The purpose of this soccer trick is basically to pass blindly so your opponent never sees it coming. Let`s say that you were running towards the right of the field with the ball.

If you have an opponent coming at you they are going to see where your gaze is what direction you are looking in and assume you are passing there. If you continue to look right but then pass left to a teammate on that side, your defenders are not ever going to see it coming. Even with the quickest reflexes no player is going to be able to respond that fast. These are all great tips that are worth bringing to the next game.

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