Ideas For Drills In Practice: Coaching Soccer

Coaching soccer is a wonderful position to have. As a soccer coach to children you are a positive role model and an authority figure they will look up to. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and it is not hard to see why. If you are going to be involved in coaching soccer, it is vital that you are offering the right drills to your players.

Before you can even get started though you need to ensure you have an appropriate practice schedule set up for the kids. This is going to force too much information on them and they will just end up overloaded. It is important to make sure they practice regularly but then at the same time you want to let their brains get some rest too, so there should be no more than two to three practices each week. It is best to only set up practices once or twice a week.

This way they are not forced to cram everything in all at once and as well, they will not be overwhelmed with their soccer practice, school and everything else they have going on in their lives. For youth soccer which is ages 9-12 the goal of your soccer practice plans should be to teach basic tactical development of players, encourage minimum touches of ball for every player and teach them the proper receiving and passing skills. There are a few drills that are particularly important to offer to your soccer players. One is the dribbling through pirates drill, which is very simple to use.

This is a drill that works on the defending, midfield and attacking principles of the players. These are all key areas that youth soccer players need to be strengthening. Using only their feet to maintain control of the ball, the player needs to work on their defensive skills by keeping the ball from other players doing whatever they can. To do this drill, one player at a time will make their way through ‘pirates’ which are other players who are set up in a line and who try to take the ball away.

For another effective drill you want to have two groups of players, with an equal number of players on each team. Another drill, one that focuses more on passing, would involve you splitting up your team evenly into two groups. Passing is an essential strength in every soccer game and if your players are not able to pass effectively and without hesitation, they are not going to win many games. This teaches the players to work together and also allows them to learn different passing techniques that are effective and which they can use in their next game to beat their real opponents.

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